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The November Professional Development Meeting(PDM) consisted of 2 parts; both of which were entertaining and educational (“edutaining”). Our leader, Mike Ford, led us through the classic Beer Game in the afternoon workshop. The Beer Game, developed at MIT 30 years ago, is a demonstration of the bullwhip effect, using a beer distribution supply chain. The competition among the 3 teams was spirited. Although no team uncovered the “secret” to the beer game, all agreed that the workshop replicated the real-life issues that supply chain planners and logistics managers face every day.

The evening PDM was a demonstration in “Lean Flow”, this time using ice cream sundae production as our production challenge. From Round 1 (a typical job shop layout) to Round 2 (a much improved lean cell layout), improvements in customer delivery and customer satisfaction went up by an order of magnitude, while the required space was reduced by 90%. Our University of Delaware students lead the improvement team and did a terrific job. Not to mention some really tasty vanilla, chocolate and strawberry sundae’s, made to order, for everyone.

Our next PDM is January 13th at the Christiana Hilton. The subject will be “Demand Segmentation”. We look forward to seeing you!

Al Leigh

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