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Member, Instructor, and Company of the Year Awards
June 2009

At the May PDM, the Southern Delaware Valley Chapter presented the Member, Instructor, and Company of the Year Awards for 2008-09.

Steve Selway, SPHR, was named Member of the Year. Steve serves on the Board as VP-Marketing. He led the effort to develop a chapter marketing plan, which included the holding of the January seminar and PDM on Career Insurance.

Al Leigh, CPIM, CSCP, was named Instructor of the Year. Al led the development of the chapter’s CSCP offering and has been the lead instructor in the program. He receives consistently high reviews for his teaching.

Supply Chain Consultants in Pike Creek, DE, was named Company of the Year. This is the second time that SCC has received the award. SCC has encouraged all of their consultants to complete the CPIM and/or CSCP certifications. They have also supported the chapter by speaking at PDMs and organizing seminars. Sujit Singh, CPIM, CSCP, Chief Operating Officer accepted the award.

Congratulations on receiving your awards and thank you for your service to the chapter.

Al Leigh and Fred Wendt
Instructor of the Year, Al Leigh, and Chapter President, Fred Wendt
Steve Selway and Fred Wendt
Member of the Year, Steve Selway and Chapter President, Fred Wendt

Rich Button, Bonnie Wright, and Steve Boyd
Rich Button, CSCP, CPIM, and Bonnie Wright, CPIM, receive perfect attendance awards from Steve Boyd, CSCP CPIM, VP – Programs
Fred Wendt and Sujit Singh
Sujit Singh, COO, Supply Chain Consultants, receives Company of the Year Award from Fred Wendt

Welcome New Chapter Members
June 2009

The following members have just joined our chapter:

Brian Pennock
Randall Vogel – DuPont
Catherine Smith – DuPont
Todd Shultz – DuPont
Wesley Laney – DuPont
Luis Huezo – DuPont
Jeffrey Morris – DuPont
Kelci Olson
Keith Hunter – Catalent Pharma
Philip Newman-Sanders – Siemens
Melissa Hansford – Fujirebio Diag.
Russell Wildman – DuPont
Saji Chacko
Monica Mills – DuPont

Please welcome them to the SDELV chapter.

Membership Milestones
June 2009

Congratulations to the following members who will celebrate a milestone this month:

20 years:
Luis Diaz – Wyeth

15 years:
David Cordrey, CSCP – DuPont
George Peters – Wyeth

5 years:
Kathleen DiEnno, CPIM – AstraZeneca

May PDM Recap
June 2009

Jane Lee
Jane Lee

Speaker: Jane Lee, VP, Supply Chain Consultants

Topic: Identifying Inventory You Can Reduce Now!

At the last PDM of the year, Jane Lee from Supply Chain Consultants presented on Inventory You Can Reduce Now. It was a real back to basics approach to reigning in your inventory.

Jane identified three inventory categories that can be targeted immediately.

  • Worthless Inventory – Inventory that is nonexistent or lost, consignments without written maximums, old, out-of-specification, excessive rework, obsolete, or expired materials.
  • Nearly Worthless Inventory – Transition material, by- products / co products, phased out material, made too much on expectation of an order.
  • Excess Inventory

To reduce these inventories, start with a good forecast and augment it with good communication between sales and manufacturing. AMR (Supply Chain Research Firm) reports that the best companies at demand forecasting average:

  • 15% Less Inventory
  • 17% Stronger Perfect Order Fulfillment
  • 35% Shorter Cash-to-Cash Cycle Time
  • 90% Fewer Stock-outs

One way to check how volatile your forecast will be is to look at the customer count: the more customers you have the more diversified you are at reducing overall variation in demand.

If you are storing inventory in multiple locations, it may prove cost effective to rebalance inventory after examining demand location. Before any inventory is moved, it is important to evaluate the cost associated with the move, which means looking beyond transportation cost into areas like warehousing and material management.

There is opportunity to free up capital by keeping inventory accurate and right-sized, so during these complex times having the right amount of the correct inventory will provide a competitive advantage.

President’s Message
June 2009

Fred WendtThis is my last President’s Message, as my term ends on June 30, 2009. I have enjoyed serving as President for the last three and a half years. It’s been a great experience. I’d like to thank the Board members who served during my two terms, as well as the chapter members.

With that being said, the new President will be Al Leigh, CPIM, CSCP. Many of you probably know Al. He is a chapter instructor and has been a presenter at several Professional Development Meetings. At the last PDM, Al was presented with the Instructor of the Year Award for 2008-09.

Al worked for DuPont for over 30 years in many roles and now has his own consulting practice, 3V. He has extensive experience in manufacturing, quality, and supply chain management. Al’s creativity and energy have served the chapter well and will continue to do so as he takes over as Chapter President. I will continue to serve on the Board as VP – Education, a position I have held before.

Have a great summer, and we’ll see you at the next PDM on September 15.

Fred Wendt, CPIM, CSCP
President, SDELV Chapter

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