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Sharpen Your Saw with APICS
August 2009

Al Leigh
APICS Brandywine Valley Chapter President
Al Leigh

This is my first President’s message since taking over from Fred Wendt as President of the SDEL Chapter of APICS. Fred did a terrific job in his long tenure as Chapter President, and I’m grateful that he has agreed to stay on the Board as co-VP of Education. He left big shoes to fill. Thank you, Fred, for the time and energy that you have given our APICS Chapter. We are, without a doubt, a much stronger and vital organization now, ready to serve our membership.

fig1I’ve seen a proliferation of 4-Box models recently. These are diagrams that show 2 parameters in combination. You know what I mean. We compare Hi and Low combinations of 2 characteristics. From this, we can determine areas of relative “goodness”. In Lean Six Sigma there is a 4-Box for selecting the best solution. It‟s called a PICK chart and looks like this. The goal is to find those solutions that have a big benefit and are easy to implement (the Implement Quadrant).

fig2Another 4-Box model is from Tom Wallace‟s book “Sales Forecasting; A New Approach” (Thomas F. Wallace and Robert A. Stahl, 2002). This one encourages us to forecast at the highest level possible in the nearest time as possible. We want to avoid the “suicide quadrant” (upper right) and find the “Agility” quadrant (lower left). Sounds good to me!!

fig3There is one more 4-Box model we should consider. This is one for our APICS organization and membership. Our APICS goal is to provide educational opportunities to our membership, as well as provide networking opportunities, so that we can all increase our professional development potential. In “The 7 Habits of Successful People,” Stephen Covey’s 7th Habit is “Sharpen Your Saw”. The point of this Habit is balanced selfrenewal. In today’s highly competitive and uncertain world, renewing and developing ourselves through education and networking is more important and relevant than ever.

So here is my 4-Box for APICS members. I encourage everyone to find ways to “Sharpen their Saw” and move towards Quadrant IV. Our APICS PDMs are one way to do that. Each month we have the opportunity to network with other operations management leaders and professionals, as well as having a speaker of topical interest. Consider taking advantage of our educational offerings such as Certified Supply Chain Professional (CSCP) and CPIM. Attend one of our seminars this year. And we have some great tours on the schedule that will be fun as well as provide networking opportunities. Check our website for our calendar of events and updated offerings. I hope to see you at one of our APICS events soon!!

Al Leigh, President APICS-SDELV

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