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Coming Soon: Website Changes and A Chapter “Group” on Linked-In
October 2009

In order to better serve our members, we are working to make the Chapter website more informative and content-rich. Our goal is to make it more real-time and interactive than it has been. We want it to become a “destination site” that you’ll want to visit often as the content will change more frequently, and you will be offered ways to interact in discussions and idea forums.

We will also begin having a presence on the business networking website LinkedIn. We will have a “Group” that you will be invited to join. This “Group” will not only provide information on upcoming training and events, but will host interactive discussions on topics of your choosing. It’s also an easy way to network with others in the profession and share ideas and concerns.

So look for new things happening in the next year as we try and provide more of what members are asking for and attempt to find ways for members to become more active in Chapter affairs.

Your APICS Chapter – Making its Mark
October 2009

Al Leigh
APICS Brandywine Valley Chapter President
Al Leigh

I just got back from the 2009 International APICS Conference in Toronto. As usual, it was a dynamic and fulfilling experience. In addition to the many opportunities to learn, there were many more opportunities to network. I enjoyed the chance to renew friendships and meet new people that will become a welcome part of my network. Is networking important in these uncertain times? You bet, now more than ever.

In addition, it became clear to me that our Chapter is making its mark on the national level:

  • Our chapter ranks in the top 10 in the world in CSCP Learning Systems purchased. We are currently training our 100th – plus CSCP student, and the certification rate for our students is over 90% (well-above the world-wide average). That means we are meeting our objective of providing meaningful training for our membership.
  • We had three speakers at the International Conference from our membership. Peter Murray; CIRM, and Janice Gullo, CSCP, CPIM (Executive VP) spoke on “Building the Foundation for a Demand Driven Enterprise”. I heard nothing but positives for their presentation. Janice was also on the panel for an open discussion on Women in Operations. I joined with Anne Haberkorn, CSCP, CIRM, CFPIM (Fox Valley Technical College) to speak on “Growing Assets with Visual Management and Lean Six Sigma”.
  • Our Chapter just received the “Gold” designation for our 3rd consecutive year by the National APICS organization.
  • A recent weekly APICS newsletter written by Abe Eshkenazi (President of the APICS Society) featured the visit he recently made to DuPont in Wilmington, DE. DuPont is doing an excellent job of building and improving their integrated supply chains, and Abe highlighted some of the activity and benefits. APICS education is key part of this effort. More than 600 DuPont’ers have taken or are currently enrolled in an APICS certification class. 192 have earned certifications and 17 hold multiple certifications. Most of these are current members of our chapter and are engaged in making us stronger and better. As DuPont addresses the “new normal”, APICS supply chain principles and education is playing a key role.
  • Our chapter sponsored 2 students to the International Conference. There was a large student presence in Toronto, and they added a welcome dynamic to the entire event.

One final note on the International Conference: Although attendance was lower than in previous years (yes, due primarily to the economy), there were more than 500 first time attendees. This is a spectacular number! It shows the growth and interest that companies and individuals have in learning more about best practices in the supply chain.

Al Leigh, President APICS-SDELV

October PDM Recap
October 2009

Speaker: Sherry Read, Executive Coach

Topic: “Five Steps to Enhance Your Expert Leadership”

Sherry Read

At October’s PDM, Sherry Read of Read Solutions Group presented “Five Steps to Enhance Your Expert Leadership.” A requirement for success is that you not only enhance your own leadership style and skills, but also develop the leadership skills of those on your team. A proven leader will have a team that is willing to come along for the ride. By following five simple steps, you can get everyone onboard.

Sherry’s approach to these five steps was to relate them to the process improvement methodology of Six Sigma. Each of her leadership steps was associated with a phase in the DMAIC process (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control).

First – “Define” your leadership ideals. Let others know what you think and believe and share with them what you expect.

Second – Seek feedback. Putting a “Measure” on your leadership skills will help you close the gap between where you are and where you want to be.

Third – “Analyze” conflict competence. To do this, develop constructive approaches to conflict and recognize when it’s coming. Focus on how you will respond when conflict is here.

Fourth – Focus on balanced leadership skills. You can “Improve” by seeking to understand and by being understood, suspending judgment, and respecting everyone.

Fifth – To “Control,” you must demonstrate expert leadership. Consciously choose your language and content for the audience. There must be a good balance of quantity and quality.

Leadership and challenge are two things that will always come together. How you and your team approach these challenges is most important. By following these five steps, you can be assured to enhance your leadership skills and face difficult situations with confidence.

Welcome New Chapter Members
October 2009

The following people have recently joined our chapter:

Steve Selway
Vijay Akala
Sarah Ogilby – DuPont
Wagner Ramirez – DuPont
Clifford Lee – DuPont
Julie Mendola – DuPont

Please welcome them to our chapter if you meet them at a PDM or other chapter event.

Membership Milestones
October 2009

Congratulations to the following members who will celebrate a milestone this month:

5 years:
Susan Sheehan, CPIM – Eaton Aerospace

20 years:
Brent Burdge, CPIM, CSCP – DuPont

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