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President’s Message
December 2009

Al Leigh
APICS Brandywine Valley Chapter President
Al Leigh

We welcome in the New Year, 2010, with exciting new happenings from your APICS Chapter. First, we are changing our name to the Brandywine Valley Chapter. Why the change? Simply, we want to be more representative of our many members in southeastern Pennsylvania and to be more recognizable for potential members in Pennsylvania and northern Maryland. We think our Delaware members will understand!! Your Chapter will continue to offer top-notch expert speakers at our Professional Development meetings, along with excellent networking opportunities with supply chain experts. We continue to offer CPIM and CSCP Certification courses on a regular basis…APICS Certifications set the standard in the supply chain industry. Did you know that this Chapter is one of the top providers of CSCP education in the country (and the world)? It’s true!

Second, we are exploring partnerships with other organizations to extend the awareness and availability of our educational offerings, our certification courses, and our networking potential. Collaboration is a key performance indicator (KPI) for successful supply chains, and we are looking to do the same with like-minded organizations. More on this exciting development as it progresses.

Third, we are looking to enhance our support of our student chapter at Widener University by hosting a Professional Development Meeting on campus in February. Our topic is how to utilize social networking tools such as Linked-In to “brand” yourself in today’s on-line world. This is not about finding friends. It is about finding better jobs and enhancing your current position in a tough market. People who are the best at it can showcase their skills and experience to enrich their careers. Is this targeted for university students about to enter the market place? Yes. Is it also for young and/or experienced supply chain and operations professionals looking to enhance their careers? YES !! Come hear our dynamic speaker, Rebecca Leyson, speak on “Powering Your Career in the 21st Century.”

Finally, this is our last newsletter. We are “leaning-out” our communication process by going directly to website updates. Visit our new website ( often. You will also be seeing email links to alert you to significant new postings, or just visit regularly. Our content is updated often. I wish you and your families a very Merry Christmas, and a happy and healthy 2010.

President, Brandywine Valley Chapter

Manufacturing May be Leading Economic Recovery
December 2009

December 11, 2009, edition of APICS Operations Management Now

Abe Eshkenazi
Abe Eshkenazi

Last week, the Associated Press (AP) offered some interesting economic recovery news. The provocative headline, “Manufacturing counties lead surprise job comeback, outperforming rest of nation,” got my attention.

“Counties with the heaviest reliance on manufacturing income are posting some of the biggest employment gains of the nation’s early economic recovery, writes AP Writer Mike Baker. “This is a big change from just half a year ago, when some economists worried that widespread layoffs by U.S. manufacturers might be part of an irreversible trend in that sector.” Baker interviewed furniture manufacturers in North Carolina and recreational vehicle (RV) makers in Elkhart County, Indiana.

AP conducts a monthly analysis called the Economic Stress Index, which measures unemployment, foreclosure, and bankruptcy rates to monitor the economic climate of more than 3,100 counties in the United States. Counties with a high saturation of manufacturing jobs have measured lower stress than the national average since March 2009.

Experts are citing multiple explanations for manufacturing’s strength early in the recovery-“Cash for Clunkers,” the weak U.S. dollar, the need to replace exhausted inventories and meet pent-up demand, and more.

The AP story quoted Derald Bontrager, the president and chief operating officer of Indiana RV manufacturer, Jayco. “Manufacturing jobs are here to stay, and they’re coming back,” Bontrager said. This summer, Jayco decision makers recalled or hired 200 previously laid-off workers. The company experienced an unexpected sales boom, and is still working to meet demand.

Preparing for your future

If early signs show manufacturing will play a role in leading the United States out of recession, how should you prepare to maximize your opportunities? The APICS Certified in Production and Inventory Management (CPIM) is a great place to start. The APICS CPIM program educates students in the concepts, tools, topics, terminology, and integration of topics within operations.

The APICS CPIM Courseware Modules, Detailed Scheduling and Planning, and Strategic Management of Resources have been entirely rewritten, and the design of the course materials has been updated. As part of the process, feedback from instructors was solicited and incorporated as appropriate. Plus, the new content was reviewed by a team of domestic and international subject matter experts.

This rigorous process ensures that operations management professionals all over the world can benefit from APICS CPIM classes and improve their companies’ overall operations. The new APICS CPIM program materials now are available for pre-order from the APICS Bookstore and will begin shipping on December 14, 2009.

If you’ve been thinking about starting the APICS CPIM process, I urge you to do so. Now is the time to take control of your professional well being and arm yourself with the tools to be a leader in your field.

In other news

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How Operations Management Now Relates to You

Operations management is everywhere. Today, operations management professionals have unprecedented impacts on the global economy. Consider these questions and how today’s edition of APICS Operations Management Now relates to you and your career.

  • What predictions do you have about manufacturing job comebacks in your community? How will it affect your job position?
  • More job availability means more competition within the workplace and, consequently, more room for promotion. What professional assets can you strengthen to remain competitive?
  • Counties with a high level of manufacturing jobs have displayed lower stress than the national average. What insights can you glean from this statistic in relation to your organization?

Not an APICS member? Join today.

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Welcome New Chapter Members
December 2009

The following people have recently joined the Brandywine Valley chapter:

James Welch, Jr.
Art Locasale – Synthes USA
Sue Bea – Synthes USA
Jeanette Kaiser – Synthes USA
Matthew McGarity – CSC
Ben Davis – Siemens

Please welcome them to our chapter if you meet them at a
PDM or other chapter event.

Membership Milestones
December 2009

Congratulations to the following members who will celebrate a milestone this month:

5 years:
Daniel Meier, CPIM, CSCP – DuPont
Maureen George – Eaton

10 years:
Frank Bosco, CPIM, CSCP – Siemens
William Leduna, CPIM – Deloitte Consulting

25 years:
March Ratte, CPIM, CSCP – Siemens

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