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President’s Message
January 2010

Al Leigh
APICS Brandywine Valley Chapter President
Al Leigh

The Wall Street Journal this week carried an article about the “Bullwhip Effect” that is coming as the economic recovery picks up steam. Does that seem far-fetched? Perhaps. For many folks the recovery is still a hoped-for gleam in the eye. But from a manufacturing standpoint, and Caterpillar in particular, this article makes a couple of key points:

  • Most companies have downsized their inventories in a big way. So even if their sales stay the same in 2010, they will need to produce more just to maintain their inventory target at the new low level
  • But some companies (eg, Caterpillar) are saying that it is time to begin their inventory build-up now, so they will be ready when their customers start to buy again at higher levels. For Tier 2 and Tier 3 suppliers, the impact will be even greater!!

So it is time for some courageous decisions. Does your company want to anticipate the recovery, and be there first when the orders pickup? Or will it follow a lag strategy, and miss out on the first months of increased orders. This is true all the way up the supply chain, and the bullwhip effect will become more than just an illustration in a CSCP course.

On another topic, please join us on Wednesday, Feb 10th at the Widener University Campus in Chester for our joint Professional Development Meeting with the Widener University Student Chapter. Not only will you be able to meet our future leaders of tomorrow, but also hear a leading-edge talk on using social networking media, such as “Linked-In”, to further your career, improve your ‘brand image’ and enhance your network and networking skills. In today’s world, none of us can be passive. This is a way to make yourself known among a wide-variety of people in many industries. And who knows, they may be potential employers at some point!! Rebecca Leyson, our speaker, is the President / Founder of RallyPoint Consulting and Co-Director of Career Services at Goldey-Beacom College. Visit our website for more information and registration.

President, Brandywine Valley Chapter

Optimizing your Employability
January 2010

January 15, 2009, edition of APICS Operations Management Now

Abe Eshkenazi
Abe Eshkenazi

Last week, the Wall Street Journal published an article outlining how millions of unemployed workers face a daunting job market in 2010.

“Structural employment may be a far bigger challenge to policymakers than turning around the economy,” writes journalist Kathleen Madigan, in her January 7 article. “Workers laid off in a shrinking industry may not have the talents needed in an expanding sector.” She uses the example of mortgage brokers who may not be cut out for nursing work. Further, federal and state budgets increasingly are limited, meaning education funding is scarce.

“For individual households, long-term joblessness is devastating. For the economy, the loss of labor skills represents another wedge between actual and potential growth in output and income,” Madigan writes.

Tapping your resources

The continuing turmoil of the recession is the unemployment devastation that follows. APICS research shows that operations and supply chain management professionals might be uniquely situated to weather, and even move ahead, during these uncertain times.

This week, APICS releases the results of the Operations Management Employment Outlook for the fourth quarter of 2009. Some big news: In contrast to the story laid out in the Wall Street Journal, 2009 year-end survey results show a positive outlook for employment in the five operations management occupational areas—execution and control of operations, purchasing/customer relationship management, quality, resource planning, and supply chain management. Click to view the Operations Management Employment Outlook.

The latest job outlook survey brought to light the top six areas of important business knowledge, which are broken down by job category. If you are unemployed or underemployed in one of the operations management occupational areas, I urge you to look at the survey’s findings and evaluate your own skills with those valued by employers. This information is available exclusively to APICS members, and it can help you identify your own learning needs.

APICS members have access to many valuable professional development resources. According to our 2009 member survey, one of the APICS resources most valued is APICS magazine. Recently, the magazine underwent a dramatic graphic transformation, which was unveiled in the January/February 2010 issue. I believe you will find this updated look more accessible and interesting. Our magazine staff remains committed to bringing you the most relevant and applicable content.

APICS provides a wealth of tools and resources that can help you make the most of your career. Are you taking full advantage of what’s being offered to you?

In other news

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How APICS Operations Management Now relates to you

Operations management is everywhere. Today, operations management professionals have unprecedented impacts on the global economy. Consider these questions and how today’s edition of APICS Operations Management Now relates to you and your career:

  • The Wall Street Journal mentions the loss of labor skills and how lacking those might separate you from potential job growth or eliminate you as a candidate from a new position. How might you refresh and build your skills in order to improve your job and industry knowledge?
  • For those of you who have experienced long-term joblessness before, what advice can you give professionals who now are facing it?
  • The APICS Operations Management Employment Outlook survey shows a positive forecast for operations management professionals. Prior to these survey results, what had been your assumption on industry outlook? How has this information altered that perspective?

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