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September PDM Recap
September 2010

Speaker: Dr. Annette Girondi

Topic: “Managing Change that Lasts”

Our professional development meetings are off to a great start! We held our first meeting of the season at the West Chester Holiday Inn on Tuesday, September 14th. We had a terrific turnout, welcoming back some familiar faces and also greeting some newcomers.

We were treated to a fantastic presentation by Dr. Annette Girondi on the topic of managing change. Annette shared some simple tools and techniques for managing change properly and also shared how we can all use everyday experiences to help us in our approach to managing change. Just a few of the highlights from Annette’s presentation are as follows: To make people comfortable with change, people need to under the 5 “W”s: what is changing?, who is involved?, when it happening?, why is it happening? and where is it happening? Communication and learning are essential to change management! We need to identify people impacted by change, or our stakeholders. We then need to plan activities for our stakeholders (communication and training). We also need to recognize that change is not transition. Transition is about letting go of old ways of working and adopting new. Real culture change happens after the change is implemented. The change journey starts with awareness and understanding and ends with ownership and reinforcement. Ultimately, we need to picture success and plan for it. Prior to implementing change, we really need to understand what a successful change will look like. Post implementation, we need to evaluate what actually happened and capture learning’s!

I’m certain that everyone at the meeting will think about change a little differently and be able to use some of the really simple techniques Annette shared to help manage change effectively.

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