Herr’s Factory Tour

Summer is almost here and our calendars are already filled up. APICS Brandywine Valley Chapter will be arranging a Herr’s Factory tour on June 7, 2012. You may not want to miss this one. It will be a free, fun-filled afternoon of educational tid-bits, technological wizardry, and tasty little morsels you will savor for long time to come.

Tastiest Tour in Town
There’s no fake machinery or actors – it’s the REAL factory, the REAL workers, and the REAL process Herr’s has perfected to make their products taste REALLY great. The tour is a first-hand learning experience that includes visual methods that’s sure to impress everyone. You’ll never forget the little-known facts, like how a pretzel gets its brown color, or what makes a great chipping potato, and how tortilla chips get their seasoning.

Chipper Theater
Before each tour you will get the inside scoop about Herr’s history. You will also be introduced to the group of zany characters who will be your on-screen “tour guides” for the rest of your visit. It’s a way of giving each guest a warm Herr’s welcome.

You are sure to have an unforgettable and exciting experience at our factory tour. The personal guide and accompanying videos make it the perfect teaching tool for large groups.

Herr Foods Inc.
Visitor’s Center
20 Herr Dr
Nottingham PA 19362
Date & Time
June 7, 2012, 3:30 PM
Registration has ended

Contact for Information
Parth Mehta
Co-VP Marketing, APICS Brandywine Valley Chapter
Email: vpmarketing@apicsbrandywine.org

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